Zero Service Waste: fight plastic pollution with The PureH2O Company

A customer service announcement introducing Zero Service Waste, from Roger Wiltshire, founder and Managing Director of The PureH2O Company

Our History: Improving Health & Reducing Plastic Pollution

When I founded The PureH2O Company with my father 28 years ago our vision was to improve our customers’ health though the quality of their drinking water whilst removing the need to buy bottled water.

Over 28 years we estimate that we’ve removed over 6.5 million bottles from general use because customers like yourself understood the need to join The Refill Revolution and make sensible changes to our habits. Planet Organic, who adopted and still offer customers free PureH2O at our in-store water refill stations, have been a significant partner in this process.

under sink water purifier

PurityPro purifier installed with Quatreau Touch tap

Our News: Zero Service Waste

Today we are excited to announce that we’ve become a Zero Service Waste business, taking our convictions to the limit by removing single use plastics from the business.

From the very beginning of our journey we strived to reach this goal. But unfortunately we had no alternative to using new plastic serviceable parts as our supplier could not offer an alternative and could not recycle them. But today marks a change, one we are incredibly proud of as we take our commitment to caring for our planet and reducing the impact of plastics pollution very seriously.

We now manufacture and recycle ALL serviceable parts ourselves, in Woking, Surrey.

This means that the purifer modules we replace at annual service are recycled and will be recycled. Visit our homepage www.PureH2O.co.uk to see the exciting range of products we now offer, from water purifiers for home and commercial use, Quatreau SmartTap drinks station and Quatreau Touch multifunction tap, as well as HydreauBar smart bottling station

Pure innovation from The PureH2O Company

We’ve achieved this by designing and building our own recycling plant thanks to Dr Terry Cummings, our Engineering Director, who has been responsible for many notable inventions in water treatment systems around the globe including the world’s first Zero Liquid Discharge Desalination Plants.

Dr Cummings first designed ion exchange resin recycling systems some 30+ years ago so he has a wealth of experience in this field. The system he designed enables us to regenerate 100% of the resin used in the DeIonisation module and our tests have shown that the quality of the regeneration process means the modules now deliver even better water quality, quite an achievement. Your purifier will look slightly different but the quality of water will in fact be slightly better!

Manufactured in the UK

Our decision to become a UK manufacturer means that we not only become a Zero Service Waste company, but we can now influence market behaviour around the world because our resellers have to use equipment with service components that will be recycled each year.

All systems will still be maintained to the highest standards. For aged components that will eventually need replacing our Precision Engineering partners here in Woking have developed a full range of superior parts that will have a longer life span that those currently in use. If you have any queries please do contact us.

Thank you for your continued support with service and product purchases. Your support will help us continue to influence and change people’s habits, remove plastic waste from the environment and improve our health and wellbeing.

Roger Wiltshire,

Founder and M.D. The PureH2O Company


+44 (0)1483 617000


The PureH2O Compnay is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company

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