Veggie Magazine: Total Water Purity

Veggie_FC_OctHave you checked out the recently revamped Veggie Magazine?

We think you’ll want to, because it’s bursting with delicious recipes and has great contributors, including Rose Elliot.

You’ll find us in the magazine every month, and here’s a heads-up on an upcoming page on ‘whole home’ water systems which increase your comfort throughout the home.

Our whole home solutions are a great benefit throughout the house, here’s how:

1. KITCHEN: the pure, clean refreshing taste of Pure H2O drinking water on tap. We have several multifunction taps, including the iconic Quatreau, to suit your needs and budget.

2. BATHROOMS: purified water throughout your home helps skin stay soft and smooth, surfaces stay cleaner for longer and appliances remain free from scale build up – reducing running costs and expensive repair bills!

3. UTILITY: washing machines, dishwashers and irons all last longer when connected to pure water. Clothes, towels and linen are softer and last longe when free from hard water.

4. HEATING: protect your heating systems with pure water; no scale build up helps reduces wear and tear and helps underfloor heating, boilers, etc run more efficiently.

In short, pure water isn’t just for drinking and soft water isn’t just for bathing. Our water systems increase comfort and care throughout the home. We love to design bespoke water solutions that exactly meet your household’s set-up, needs and budget.

Call us today for a chat on 01483 617 000 or you can email us: customerservice@pureh2o.co.uk

And don’t forget to check out Veggie Magazine – we think you’ll be inspired!

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