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PureH2O Water Softener

The safest, most cost-efficient water softener for protecting your skin, heating system and appliances from the damaging effects of hard water.

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Why choose a PureH2O Water Softener

Why choose a PureH2O Water Softener

A PureH2O soft water system is unlike any other…

Self Sterilising

Leading the way in safety and innovation, our water softener is self-cleaning for your peace of mind.


Salt Efficient

Our softeners use 50% less salt than others on the market, saving you time, money and storage space.

Ultra Safe

PureH2O water softeners contain our unique ‘Aquashield’ to prevent bacteriological contamination.


Water softeners are ideally installed close to the point where the cold water mains enters your house. If you prefer, we can install in an outside space and if this is the case we can advise you on any extra protection that may be recommended.


A standard household or commercial premises will usually have everything our engineers need to install your PureH2O water softener; a 15 mm isolated mains cold water supply, a 13 amp powerpoint and a trapped drain with upstand (if not, we can make a connection to a trapped drain on your sink).

Servicing & Warranty

Your PureH2O water softener does not need servicing and the only maintenance you need to carry out is to add salt (usually quarterly). We offer a 5 year warranty on our softeners.

PureH2O Soft

PureH2O Soft

Enjoy luxuriously soft water throughout your home with the world’s safest, most cost-efficient water softener.

Skin & Hair

softened water can radically alleviate dry skin, redness and irritation, as well as help with managing eczema and psoriasis. Your hair grows soft and luxurious, showering and bathing becomes an indulgent experience and your soap, shampoo and detergent use reduces by 50%.

Heating & Appliances

Heating systems, washing machines and kettles work more efficiently with softened water drastically reducing running costs and protecting against limescale-related damage and repair bills.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

With no limescale and scum to contend with, cleaning is much easier; tiles, taps and surfaces become spotless and stay shiny for longer.


Width: 686 mm x depth 432 mm x height 1245 mm