PureH2O Water Conditioner


Safe, natural bathing water with all harmful chemicals and microorganisms removed by our advanced, efficient water conditioner.

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PureH2O Condition

PureH2O Condition

Our conditioners treat your water to make it as close as possible to spring water.

Chemicals & Microorganisms

PureH2O water conditioners remove pesticides, herbicides, mould, fungus, algae, viruses and bacteria from tap water for your complete peace of mind and the protection of your health.

No harmful vapours

Our water conditioners remove chlorine and ammonia from tap water, so you’ll never again unknowingly inhale harmful vapours from the steam of your bath or shower.


Width: 425 mm x depth 216 mm x height 711 mm


£799.99 unit only
£1,099.00 including installation
Annual Service £248.40.
All prices inc. VAT