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The Worlds first and only integrated bottling station that effectively sterilizes and refills glass bottles with PureH2O – the ultimate name in taste and purity.

Eliminate bottle waste now! Perfect for the office, restaurants and hotels.


  • Single or twin bottle configuration
  • Delivers up to 360 bottles per hour
  • Hygienically sterilizes internal surfaces of glass bottles with no water wastage – patented technology.
  • Single manual fill or twin auto fill, calibrated to fill bottles 750ml-1ltr
  • Individual bottle recognition
  • 95% carbon footprint reduction
  • Rated by BestFootForward for Houses of Parliament
  • No need for dishwasher, reduces costs and water usage
  • Chilled & sparkling pure water

Eliminate bottle waste now and join the PureH2O revolution #NOEXCUSEFORSINGLEUSE

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