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Cut your carbon footprint by 95% with HydreauBar™, the world’s only integrated bottling station that simultaneously sterilises and fills reusable glass bottles with chilled and sparkling filtered* water at a rate of up to 100 bottles per hour. HydreauBar™ offers convenience, financial savings and several environmental benefits compared to deliveries of plastic or glass bottled water. Rated by Best Foot Forward for the Houses of Parliament.

*Specify HydreauBar™ with a Purity Professional water purifier for chilled and sparkling pure water – it’s purer than all bottled and filtered water brands, guaranteed.

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Why choose HydreauBar™

Why choose HydreauBar™

The HydreauBar™ smart bottling station features:

Production rates

Sterilisation and refilling of up to 100 bottles per hour

Glass bottles

We supply 100 PureH2O bottles free of charge with HydreauBar™; a selection of own brand bottles can also be supplied.


Easily fits into standard kitchen layouts and eliminates the dishwasher to save space, time and labour.


The PureH2O Purity Professional water purification system that serves HydreauBar™ with pure water also connects to our Quatreau™ tap collection, coffee machines, steam ovens and ice makers. Purity Pro water purifiers produce water that’s purer than all bottled water brands for the best possible taste, the clearest drinks and ice and the protection of appliances against hard water limescale-related degradation and breakdown.


Most commercial premises will usually have everything our engineers need to install HydreauBar™; a 15 mm isolated mains cold water supply, 2 x double 13 amp powerpoints and a trapped drain with upstand

Servicing & warranty

We offer a 1 year warranty on HydreauBar™ subject to taking out our Annual Service agreement. This warranty will be extended free of charge for a further 12 months (up to a maximum of 5 years), subject to Annual Service by an approved, trained PureH2O engineer. Your Annual Service must be performed within 2 weeks of the one-year anniversary of your installation.


For expert advice on drinking water purification, delivery and bottling systems for your premises please contact our dedicated commercial team. Call 01483 617000 or email enquiries@pureh2o.co.uk



The HydreauBar™ smart bottling station for large offices, restaurants and hotels removes the need for bottled water, lowers your carbon footprint by 95% and maximises convenience whilst reducing financial costs. Designed and manufactured in the UK for superior quality and durability.


HydreauBar™ fills multiple bottles simultaneously with individual bottle recognition to comply with weights and measures regulations. We have single and twin station options to deliver up to 100 bottles per hour.


HydreauBar™ takes care of sterilisation and filling in one seamless process. HydreauBar™ ensures safety by eliminating microbial organisms on internal bottle surfaces, something not achieved by washing alone.

Environmental benefits

100% reusable bottles, 95% lower carbon footprint compared to bottled water, zero transport costs, zero bottle waste and disposal costs, zero water waste and reduced energy use, plus no need for a dishwasher.

Financial benefits

HydreauBar™ ensures lower costs and increased profit margins compared to deliveries of plastic or glass bottled water.

Water options

HydreauBar™ delivers Chilled and Sparkling filtered water as standard. For exceptional quality and taste we recommend an optional upgrade to PureH2O pure water; it’s purer than all bottled waters, guaranteed.

Pure water

With the optional PureH2O Purity Professional water purifier, HydreauBar™  produces drinking water of exceptional quality, far purer than any bottled water brand. The patented reverse osmosis (RO) purification process removes I00% of disease-causing microorganisms and 99.99% of organics and inorganics, 96% lead, 70-98% heavy metals and 70% of nitrates found in UK tap water.