Join the Refill Revolution with Pure H2O pure water

We’d like to invite you to join the Refill Revolution with Pure H2O pure water on the first ever National Refill Day – today, 27th September 2018.

We don’t want you to miss the opportunity to try the unique taste of Pure H2O pure water – for free! Londoners, grab your reusable water bottle and head to Planet Organic Stores, and Hello Love on Southampton Row to enjoy a refill of pure water.

Refill Revolution pure water refills at Hello Love

Hello Love pure water refill station

Psst! They don’t just offer pure water refills on National Refill Day! But what better way to kickstart a new habit than when everyone else is joining in with the Refill Revolution?

Helping business join the Refill Revolution

If you’re inspired by the Refill Revolution and want your business to offer free drinking water refills to visitors, customers and employees, we recommend Quatreau SmartTap.

Think of our compact drinks station as a self-service refill point anywhere you need it. We can install in customer receptions, employee kitchens, break out rooms or hospitality areas. Quatreau SmartTap dispenses high volumes of chilled and sparkling pure water at the touch of a button. There’s also the option to specify boiling or ambient – room temperature – water, too.

Join the Refill Revolution with Pure H2O Co's Quatreau SmartTap

Quatreau SmartTap Pure Water Refill Station

With Quatreau SmartTap your business can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, reduce costs and maximise convenience . All this, simply by replacing bottled water with a pure water refill station.

We have a wealth of experience supporting all kinds of businesses and would love to help yours get on board with the Refill Revolution.

Get in touch with us today to request a tailored quotation for Quatreau SmartTap: call our dedicated sales team on 01483 617000 or email enquiries@pureh2o.co.uk

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