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PureH2O water purifiers

Purer than bottled water, awesome taste and a 95% lower carbon footprint

PurityPRO, the worlds most efficient Reverse Osmosis systems, built in the UK

Purity PRO-5


The world’s smartest drinking water purifier for unrivaled water purity and taste.  Intelligent self-cleaning, built in protection and all stainless steel construction.

HRS-RO™ Systems

Our high recovery reverse osmosis systems are the most effective and water efficient on the market. They can take multiple and mixed water feeds sources, which do not need to be potable, and use advanced treatments to supply the purest drinking water with production rates from 1m3/hour upwards.

Our HRS-RO™ systems integrate with our Bio-Secure Loop ™ to provide the highest quality drinking water to multi-floor buildings, with complete protection against accidental or deliberate contamination.

Bio-Secure Loop™

Our multi-floor pure drinking water distribution system, the Bio-Secure Loop™ ensures efficiency, reduces costs and eliminates scale damage within appliances. It is compatible with our Quatreau taps and drinks stations, as well as coffee machines, ice machines, etc for total convenience.

The Bio-Secure Loop™ delivers water that is purer than all bottled water brands, benefits from an intelligent management process and can be connected to multiple feed sources. The Bio-Secure Loop™ offers complete protection against accidental or deliberate contamination of mains water sources. It is ideal as an off-grid drinking water solution as it is fully compatible with alternative water sources such as rain and bore water.

Choosing PureH2O for your drinking water is a good decision


Our beautiful countryside deserves to remain unspoiled yet today disregarded plastic bottles are a common sight everywhere.

if we are serious about protecting the environment then we need to replace single-use plastic or glass bottles with an alternative. AT PureH2O we provide our clients with refillable stainless steel flasks and with the purest drinking water on the Planet there is no better best choice you can make for the environment.

PurityPRO are designed and built in Britain by professionals in clean room conditions. We source 90% of our components within 5 miles of our offices in Woking. We even print our own circuit boards!

We only used WRAS approved materials and with over 90% of the parts made from 316 Stainless Steel you can be assured that quality is second to none.

At PureH2O its our Vision to improve our customers heath whilst removing the need for single-use plastic bottles.


Enhancing corporate social responsibility


Whatever your application, you can be assured that our products have been developed by experts in the field of water treatment. We deliver solutions that are robust, reliable and effective.

We design and developed products in the UK with consideration to the environment. Our purifiers are the most water and power efficient on the market.

We limit the use of polymers in manufacturing and embrace stainless steel not only because it’s better for the taste of pure drinking water water but because doesn’t degrade and, whilst it’s a high value material, it provides for incredible longevity and even as scrap it’s highly valuable because it is 100% recycled into its original form.

Our products are adaptable to many applications and our technologically-advanced commercial water purifiers are resource-efficient.

Whatever the application, PureH2O have the expertise to provide a tailored approach to your requirements as well as the servicing and on-going technical support.

Expertise & Aftercare


PurityPRO water purifiers reflect your commitment to excellence and staff well being.

Purity PRO systems utilise Reverse Osmosis membranes to remove all water borne contaminants and impurities to produce water of exceptional quality.

PureH2O delivers the best flavour from teas and coffee, cold drinks such as cordials and it makes crystal clear ice. It is ideal for commercial kitchens and can be used for preparing food. It’s perfect for steam ovens because it not only enhances the colour of food but actually protects the equipment. PureH2O Purity water purifiers can be connected to steam ovens, coffee machines, ice-makers and fridges for total convenience.

Perfectionists like Raymond Blanc chose PureH2O throughout the kitchens at Le Manoir aux quat Saisons for good reason.

Purity for food & beverages


Water in its purest form, PureH2O, has a beautifully refreshing taste, far more refreshing than bottled, filtered or tap water

In the Office your employees and customers will notice the difference and enjoy drinking PureH2O. Tea and coffee not only look better but taste better and with all contaminants and impurities removed from tap water, health and well being is positively improved. IT REALLY DOES MAKE THE BEST CUP OF TEA!

PureH2O purification is totally effective providing protection from chemicals, microplastics,  pesticides and herbicides, drug residue, hormones, heavy metals, petrochemicals and disease-causing microorganisms.

Safe, healthy hydration

Why our customers love PureH2O

We are proud to help our customers protect their health, reduce their environmental impact and enjoy the taste and convenience of unlimited pure water on tap in their home.

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PureH2O Ltd manufactures, installs and maintains the world’s most innovative water purification systems and the most technologically advanced boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps. Since 1991 we have been committed to providing our domestic and commercial customers with the purest, safest, most sustainable choice of drinking water, which helps them reduce their environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastic bottled water.

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