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Reduce your environmental impact by switching from plastic bottled water to pure water. PureH2O Purity water purifiers produce unlimited quantities of drinking water which is far purer than tap, filtered or bottled waters – guaranteed. Pure water tastes exceptional, protects the flavours of food and drinks and makes crystal clear ice. Cost-effective, efficient and technologically-advanced, our Purity water purification systems immediately increase the sustainability of your business.

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The Quatreau collection replaces bottled water and delivers style, efficiency and reliability. Quatreau Touch with intuitive touchscreen control panel delivers boiling, chilled, sparkling, hot and cold water; it’s the complete tap for busy offices and commercial kitchens alike. Quatreau SmartTap dispenses your choice of boiling, chilled, sparkling and / or room temperature water. It’s the robust compact drinks station designed to withstand the demands of high-use areas and can be installed anywhere your business needs it. Quatreau taps deliver filtered water as standard, or upgrade to pure water with a Purity water purifier.

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The industry’s most advanced and innovative smart bottling station sterilises and fills up to 100 bottles per hour with chilled and sparkling water.


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Saved every year by just one London customer using our centralised purification system

1.1 Million

litres of water

Saved every year by our water delivery systems

6.4 Million

litre bottles

Saved every year by businesses using our water delivery systems


bottles saved every day

By Planet Organic stores for over 20 years

Why PureH2O in the workplace?

Environmental Benefits

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability by switching from plastic bottled water to PureH2O. Purer than all bottled waters, PureH2O eliminates a major source of single-use plastics, lowers carbon footprint and reduces food miles to zero. Our Quatreau tap range is the most energy efficient on the market, further reducing your ecological impact.

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Employee Benefits

Adequate hydration boosts mental and physical performance and the unrivalled taste of PureH2O pure water ensures your valued employees are more likely to drink sufficient water to feel well and perform at their best. Employee satisfaction rises with a Quatreau Touch or SmartTap installed in rest areas for drinks without delay. PureH2O and Quatreau help you meet you corporate social responsibilities.

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Customer Benefits

PureH2O reflects your commitment to excellence. We are trusted to supply water systems to the finest hotels, restaurants and businesses, whose customers benefit from the exceptional taste of pure water, the luxurious quality of softened bathing water and the enjoyment of making hot, cold and sparkling drinks with our stylish Quatreau tap range.

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Financial Benefits

All PureH2O water systems and multifunction taps are the most resource-efficient available today, minimising your costs whilst maximising performance. You can expect to save 44% over the course of a year with a PureH2O water purification system, compared to buying bottled water.

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