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Softened, Filtered & Protected by UV

Whole home water treatment for complete protection from the damaging effects of hard water limescale, pollutants and chemicals.

Soft, Filtered & Fresh Water makes for a pleasurable bath time

SoftPro™ Whole Home water softener

Our SoftPro range of  salt and water efficient softeners remove the hard water impurities calcium carbonate, magneseum and iron from mains water at the point of entry. The result is beautifully soft water that protects your skin, hair and all water using appliances from the damaging effects of hard water.

FilterPro™ Whole Home water treatment

FilterPro™ Whole Home water treatment

Safe, naturally filtered water with the harmful chemicals removed makes for safer and more pleasant bathing experience.

Our advanced deep bed filtration uses high grade British manufactured Activated Carbon for the ultimate adsorption rates.

Effective removal of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and chemical compounds and even Radon are removed in a safe, natural process that doesn’t cost the earth.


UVPro™ Whole Home Microbiological Purity

In the same way that UV rays from the sun destroy microbes, UVPro is an effective and natural ultra violet process that irradiates the most harmful of pathogens including e-coli, coliform, fecal, typhoid and  cryptosporidium, virus (including Covid) and other water borne disease causing microbes.


The benefits of Soft, Filtered & UV protected Water for the Whole Home.


If you suffer from dry skin, eczema or psoriasis, installing SoftPro from PureH2O can be a life-changing investment. After bathing in soft water your skin retains water and as a result will not dry out and become irritated, Its also great for your hair that will look and feel softer, shiny and be easier to style. Even clothes become more comfortable to wear.

FilterPro is installed as the 2nd stage – after the SoftPro and remove pollutants including chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia. This in turn benefits the skin and prevents harmful vapours forming in showers that are inhaled causing irritation to the nasal passage and potential harm to internal organs. FilterPro is beneficial in preventing drying and irritants that cause redness and even psoriasis on the skin.

cares for dry skin, eczema & psoriasis


It takes a matter of months before appliances are effected by the scaling effects of hard water. You’ll probably have descaled your kettle on a regular basis. Without descaling a kettle would become several mm deep in scale. Imagine this process going on inside you boiler making hot water day in day out. Layer upon layer of calcium and magnesium coat the heating element and internal surfaces. This prevents the heat coming through to the water reducing the efficiency of the heating element. As a result, over time it actually becomes significantly more costly to heat water and appliances eventually fail.

SoftPro removes hard water impurities that cause the build-up of limescale in heating systems and appliances. Dishwashers, washing machines all retain their just new appearance and efficiency and prevent costly repair bills. Kitchen and bathroom surfaces sparkle for longer and cleaning is so much easier.

protects from limescale


Once installed our 3 stage Whole home Water Treatment system requires nothing more than a few bags of salt each year to keep the Softener functioning.

One annual service is all that is required to maintain these processes efficiently. All PureH2O equipment carry a full 12 months Warranty. This can be extended to 10 years within our Cover-All Service Agreement paid monthly for ease and convenience.

uses 33% less salt than others

Why our customers love PureH2O

We are proud to help our customers protect their health, reduce their environmental impact and enjoy the taste and convenience of unlimited pure water on tap in their home.

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PureH2O Ltd manufactures, installs and maintains the world’s most innovative water purification systems and the most technologically advanced boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps. Since 1991 we have been committed to providing our domestic and commercial customers with the purest, safest, most sustainable choice of drinking water, which helps them reduce their environmental impact by avoiding single-use plastic bottled water.

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