Avoid Childhood Dental Decay with Pure H2O

Are you worried about your children’s dental health? Did you know that fruit juice isn’t really a healthy option because it causes acid erosion and cavities? In the news this week are warnings from dental experts who predict that a generation of young people will end up with expensive dental repair bills or false teeth because they consume fruit juices and carbonated sugary drinks.

The best drink for children is water, unfortunately this is often upalatable to young people and we know parents often struggle to get their kids and teenagers drinking even minimal amounts of water.

If your child or teenager doesn’t like the taste of tap water you might want to consider RODI Pure Water – this removes the chemicals and other impurities found in tap water that cause it to taste unpleasant.

One customer describes RODI pure water as ‘almost sweet’ – something young taste buds will naturally find much more palatable than tap water! Young people needn’t miss out on fizz, either, thanks to the instant Sparkling function avaialble with our multifunction kitchen tap Quatreau.

If you want to allow your children to have fruit juice occasionally, limit it to one glass a day and only at meal times. The rest of the time, let them have Pure H2O with one of our RODI purifiers that fits under your kitchen sink.

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