5 Steps to a Spookily Sustainable Hallowe’en

Forgo environmental frights and enjoy a sustainable Hallowe’en with these 5 key tips:

Sustainable Hallowe'en pumpkins

1. Eat brains: avoid food waste this Hallowe’en by roasting the flesh of your pumpkin or using it to make soup (don’t forget to use pure water for the stock). Toast the seeds for a terrifyingly tasty snack and try adding salt and cumin seeds for an extra kick.

Tips to avoid hallowe'en Pumpkin food waste

Avoid food waste.

2. Decomposition’s not just for zombies: toss your Jack-o’-lantern on your compost pile, bury it in the flowerbed for the worms to eat or chuck it in your brown food waste bin.

Compost your Hallowe'en lantern

Make compost.

3. Don’t get sucked into buying plastic decorations: get creative instead. Make bat-shaped paperchains and bake biscuits in spooky shapes, perhaps with spider web icing.

Turn to nature for inspiration: gather sticks to make wicker men and eerie dead trees. Little gourds and squashes make decorative Hallowe’en tableaus that you can roast and eat later; our local greengrocer includes helpful cooking instructions on all theirs!

Hallowe'en Natural Squash Decorations

Decorate naturally.

4. Trick or Treat without plastic: buy sweets in bulk or, even better, take your own cloth bag or glass jar and fill up with pick ‘n’ mix. You don’t need to buy a plastic bucket for the kids to collect their sweets, your local craft centre or charity shop will probably have a wicker basket or bowl that you can use time and again, not just at Hallowe’en.

Wicker basket for hallowe'en

Avoid plastic.

5. Spook without synthetics: many ready-made Hallowe’en costumes contain plastic fibres that, when washed, end up in our drinking water supply. A worn-out white bed sheet and a ghostly ‘Oooooh’ was good enough in the old days, so it’s good enough for us. You could also pool existing Hallowe’en dressing-up costumes with friends and family for a frighteningly good time.

Sustainable Hallowe'en costume from old bed sheet

Natural fibres only.

We hope these 5 tips help you enjoy a sustainable Hallowe’en this year, feel free to add a comment below with your own ideas.

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Image credits

Pumpkins on stick – Dan Gold on Unsplash
Pumpkins on table – Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash
Soup – Jade Aucamp on Unsplash
Compost – Del Barrett on Unsplash
Squashes – Susan Green
Basket – Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Bedsheets – Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

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