Reverse Osmosis Systems

for the purest drinking water.  You will love the taste of Pure H2O - it's the best water for optimum health

The purest water coolers for the Office

Bottled water coolers, Main fed coolers and Office bottling systems

Quatreau Tap Systems

Boiling, chilled and sparkling puriried water.  The most fantastic tap system with touch sensitive panel.

Softeners & Conditioners

Save 50% salt with our unique range of softeners

Remove all chemicals and odours from your bathing water

Restaurants & Hotels

Pure water for tea, coffee, ice, On site water bottling systems, water coolers, instant boiling water taps

Rain Harvest & Bore Holes

Go off-grid with our Potable Whole Home Rain Harvest System

Also see specialist water solutions for Bore-Hole treatment

High Purity Water Applications

RODI systems provide the purest water for autoclaves

Laboratory UPW systems, polish loops, design and build

Warehouse Clearance

Now featuring Free point of use (mains fed) water coolers with 3 year service contract


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